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Mans’ Best Fitness Friend

How to help your pup keep up during workouts

Working out with your canine can help you go further and have more fun exercising. Dogs can be great exercise companions because they are available anytime you want to workout and they love getting outdoors. Your pup may just be the positive workout pal you’ve been looking for.

Bring some water, enough for you and your four-legged friend and pack those poop pick-up bags and you’re ready to hit the trail! If you want to go beyond the basics and be the best to your furry fitness companion here are some additional tips and tricks for exercising with your pup. With these pointers, you can make sure exercise is fun for your pet too.

  • As we mentioned, make sure you and your dog stay hydrated!
  • You didn’t start your workout routine with a marathon and neither should your dog. Start where your dog’s health allows and through small steps you can build up to have the running buddy you’ve wanted. With simple walks and working your way up to longer, more intense runs, hikes, and exercises you’ll build up your dog’s endurance and help protect their paws. In addition to starting small, avoiding hot running surfaces; this allows them to keep up, stay cooler, and keep the pads on the bottom of their feet healthy
  • Make sure your dog is up-to-date on their rabies, bordetella, Lyme, and other vaccines along with heartworm medication so your pet exercise without worries. This is very important especially if you attend petparks where kennel cough is easily spread, go hiking in areas where there are ticks, or if you’re are in an area with mosquitos. Talk with your veterinarian for more information of which precautions are best for your dog’s needs
  • Remember they have little legs! They are going the same distance as you with smaller legs so make sure you take some breaks so both of you can catch your breath
  • After your workouts, depending on your environment, it’s important to check your dog over for ticks, thorns, and spurs.
  • Research your breed. Some breeds have a natural love of swimming, running, etc. Where as other breeds are prone to certain health risks. The more you know about your dog, the more you can tailor fit your workouts to keep you and your new workout buddy health and happy

Help your dog keep their tail wagging for the whole workout by looking into the following equipment:

  • Harnesses or “gentle leaders” can help you stay connected with your pup without tugging on their neck
  • There are a variety of cycle leashes that attach your dog to your bike at a proper distance to keep you and your dog safe while biking
  • Water bowls on the go. Collapsible water dishes are convenient and light! Look at your local pet shop to see which options are best for you and your pup on the go
  • Doggie boots for weather or rough terrain can help protect your dog’s feet. If you decide to get these, be patient the first time your pup tries them on. They’ll walk funny until they adjust to the feeling
  • Doggie life jackets can be a lifesaver. Even if your dog loves to swim, a life jacket can keep them afloat if they get tired or get caught in some choppy water.

For Puppy Power workout inspiration check out Funny Entertainment’s collection of pets and people exercising together.

Do you have any recommendation on how to exercise better with your furry fitness friend? Let us know in the comments below!

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