Make Your New Year’s Resolution a REALITY

New Year, New You:

You’ve heard the phrase “You are who you eat with.” Well, we’re here to argue, “You are who you work out with.” One way to make your New Year’s Resolution a reality and really make 2018 your year is to ask a friend to work out with you BUT choosing which friend to make your workout buddy is CRUCIAL. Someone’s company can make or break a workout so we’ll be posting tips throughout the week so you can choose the right support system for you!

3 Reasons to Buddy Up for Better Results This New Year:

We get it. January is filled with great intentions, but in February those visits to the gym start to fade. Each day into the New Year sticking to your resolutions and following through with your workout plans gets tougher. Progress reaches a plateau and you may feel alone. It’s okay to need a helping hand; in fact, you’re more likely to make your New Year’s Resolutions a reality when you ask a friend to join you! Here are three ways working out with a friend can help you reach your goals sooner:


  1. ACCOUNTABILITY: Working out with others increases accountability because your choices impact more than just you. Having an exercise buddy that’s counting on you to be at the gym at a certain time makes it a lot harder to put off tonight’s workout. Your fitness friend will be able to keep you on track by encouraging you to follow through with your plans.
  2. FUN: When you go to the gym with your pal, you’ll notice that time flies and your workouts will be more enjoyable. Exercise combined with your social hour makes getting fit more fun. By chatting it up while you’re on an elliptical or setting weekly, friendly competitive goals, together you and your friend will have a closer relationship and together be closer to your goals. Now with the company of your exercise buddy, you’ll be able to attend those group fitness classes you’ve been a little too shy to attend by yourself. Trying new workouts and exercises can be less intimidating when you have a partner to learn with by your side.
  3. ENCOURAGEMENT: Perhaps the best part of teaming up is you now have a personal cheerleader by your side. Having someone to celebrate your successes with you keeps you moving in the right direction. According to Kevin Helliker of the Wall Street Journal, ongoing studies from Stanford University have found that participants increased their physical exercise on average by 78% due to receiving a reminder phone call every two weeks. Even if you and your buddy can’t get together in person, having someone call to check in on your progress can help you stay committed to your goals. What’s awesome about the Nutrition Factors GRID GYM is that you have an automatized workout buddy teaching you various workouts at your convenience. The GRID GYM is your 24/7 virtual workout partner that you can share with your friends. If you and your friend can’t get together this week, add the same workouts through our GRID GYM APP and give him or her a call to report your progress. To learn more about the GRID GYM offered in our Membership PLUS and FULL ACCESS Packages, CLICK HERE

5 Tips for to Choosing the Right Work Out Buddy for You:

By asking a friend to work out with you, you make your New Year Resolutions more attainable by adding accountability, fun, and support to your exercise routine. However, choosing which friend to join you at the gym makes a BIG difference. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind while choosing the right support system for you:

1. Moving in the Same Direction: Want to make your New Year’s Resolutions a reality? Then you’ll need a good support system, which involves people moving in the same direction. When inviting others to be part of your weight loss journey, it’s important to involve others who are working towards a healthier lifestyle with you. Make sure you choose a friend who is excited about your progress and is interested in the goals you’ve set. If you choose a friend that tries to talk you out of the activities that will help you reach your goals, that person is not being a good friend, let alone a good workout buddy.

2. Have a Similar Schedule: Be realistic with both of your schedules. Plan ahead and use your Nutrition Factors tools together to save time and make the most out of your time together. With the GRID GYM and GRID DIET, you can save time, creating more room in both of your schedules to get together.

3. A Little Competitive Edge Without Comparison: Set friendly, weekly competitions. Who can walk the most steps this week? Drink eight glasses of water each day? Etc. Make sure that the competitions you set are uplifting and bring both of you closer to your goals.

4. Willing to Learn and Teach: An important characteristic to look for and to have when working out with someone else is a willingness to learn and teach. Be open to learning from each other. Your friend may know more about lifting weights, and you may love to swim laps. Having a workout buddy with different strengths can be a positive thing when you’re willing to learn from each other and your buddy is interested in trying exercises you enjoy. Working out with someone else helps switch up your exercise routine and exposes you to new exercises. Be open to learning as much as you can from your friend and teach your friend what you’ve learned through Nutrition Factors by trying different exercises and recipes together.

5. Attitude: Want to stick to your New Year’s Resolution for real this time? Then check your Attitude! Attitude is contagious. We believe that the people you surround yourself with matters just as much at the gym as at the dinner table. That’s why we think it’s important to have a workout friend that you can laugh with, be encouraged by, and celebrate your successes with together. It’s also important to be the support you want to have. Praise your friend as well as yourself. When thinking of friends or family members to work out with, keep in mind their personalities and commit yourself to ensuring that your attitude is positive, too.

We hope that you and your workout buddy stay strong and reach your New Year’s Resolutions! If you need additional support, we’re here to help. Working with a Health Coach can be a game changer. To have someone that encourages you to reach your goals, that works around your schedule, helps you be accountable, and builds you up can make all the difference. Learn more about having your own Health Coach by CLICKING HERE

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