Artichoke Research and Links

Artichoke Research and Links

Explore the many health benefits of artichokes by visiting the many links below. Artichokes are great for weight loss and are a very healthy vegetable.

Artichoke Festival: Did you know Marilyn Monroe was the first artichoke queen? For more information, read artichoke history.

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Artichokes contain many health-promoting properties.

  1. Pharmacological Studies of Artichoke Leaf Extract and Their Health Benefits.

  2. A study of the effect of dietary fiber fractions obtained from artichoke (Cynara cardunculus L. var. scolymus) on the growth of intestinal bacteria associated with health.

  3. Polyphenols from artichoke heads (Cynara cardunculus (L.) subsp. scolymus Hayek): in vitro bio-accessibility, intestinal uptake, and bioavailability.

  4. An integrated approach to the evaluation of a metabolomic fingerprint for a Phyto complex. Focus on artichoke [Cynara cardunculus subsp. scolymus] leaf.

  5. Artichoke, cynarin, and cyanidin downregulate the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in human coronary smooth muscle cells.

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  13. Mediterranean diet and cardioprotection: wild artichoke inhibits metalloproteinase 9.

  14. Artichoke leaf extract (Cynara scolymus) reduces plasma cholesterol in otherwise healthy hypercholesterolemic adults: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial.

  15. Molecular properties and prebiotic effect of inulin obtained from artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.).

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