What is the Grid Diet?

The Grid Diet (Lifestyle Eating Plan) is a simplified and sensible eating plan that helps you choose and track the foods you eat. The Grid Diet was developed by a Dietitian with eating in mind, and each grid is properly balanced for nutrients and calories. The Grid Diet is not a fad or quick fix diet, but rather an eating plan that you can follow for life. Each grid is properly balanced to meet your body's daily energy and nutrient needs. No starvation or elimination of food groups required. Just choose a grid and follow the simple grid pattern, and before you know it, you will be reprogramming your unhealthy eating habits and losing weight.

Each Grid starts with the basic foundation of (approximately) a 1,500 calorie diet and then increases from there by adding more calories and nutrients. There are different grid patterns to choose from, and a new grid can be selected daily or changed during the day. Choose the grid and foods that are right for your calorie/energy needs.

Whether you are wanting to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, we have a plan for you. Having the proper tools and knowledge will help you succeed and reduce your health risks of diet related diseases.

Instructions on how to choose a grid

We're here to walk you through our exclusive Grid Diet in three simple steps!

1. Calculate Your Energy Needs

2. Decide What You're Eating For

3. Select a GRID That is Right for You

Once you have selected your grid, you'll have access to our 7-day meal planning system that allows you to fill your grid with tasty recipes and various foods!

Calculate your Calorie/Energy Needs

Instructions on how to choose a grid

Calculate Your Energy Needs

Everyone has different energy needs. You're unique and deserve a diet that treats you as the individual you are. Your body's needs will be different because energy needs are based on height, weight, age, gender and physical activity.

For example: a 200-pound male athlete will not have the same caloric needs as a 120-pound sedentary female.

In order to lose and maintain your desired weight, it is important to know how many calories you need per day. If you consume too many calories, over time this will result in weight gain. If you consume too few of calories, this will result in weight loss but also a sluggish metabolism and possibly malnutrition. By calculating your needs you'll know how to best support your body during the weight-loss process.

Select your measurement system, gender, height, current weight, age, and activity level. Your results will automatically be generated to the right of the Energy Needs Calculator. To Learn more about your individualized needs select the link Click above to see what your results mean.

Your information is calculated here as you enter your information to the left

For individuals with BMI's >30, use "Ideal Body Weight" result or "Adjusted Body Weight" to calculate daily calorie needs. Adjusted Body Weight Formula- (Ideal Body Weight + (0.4 (Current Body Weight - Ideal Body Weight)

Select a Grid

What are you eating for?

Choose your total calories

Instructions on how to choose a grid

Decide What You're Eating For

To choose a GRID that is right for you we'll need to what is motivating your interest in The Grid Diet. Choosing the correct Diet Grid is determined by asking the following question "What Are You Eating For"? We are currently focused on individuals wanting to lose weight but are in the process of accommodating those that just want to be healthier, maintain their weight, or those with certain health conditions with specific dietary needs. Check back later for these new features. Once you determine what you are eating for, you can figure out your daily energy needs and choose a grid that works best for you.

Determine Your Calorie /Energy Needs

To get to this section, you should have calculated your energy needs in Step 1 of the Grid Diet Walkthrough. If you didn't calculate your needs, you will need to go back and do the calculations so your grid is tailored to your own energy needs. Energy is listed in calories and you must know how many calories you need per day to achieve your goals in a healthy fashion.

The calculator is under the section Grid Diet in the First Step. if you didn't do the first step, just click on the previous button and it will take you to the calculator. From step one, there is a drop-down box that says, "about the grid", you can type in your gender, height, weight, age and physical activity level. The calculator is for both US and metric calculations. The calculations will tell you how many calories you need each day and how many calories you need to lose weight. It will also calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), protein and water needs. You can read what these numbers means by clicking each energy need next to the calculations.

Choose Your Total Calories

Once you have determined your energy needs, you can choose a grid that meets your needs. If you are trying to lose weight, choose a grid that is 500 calories less than your calculated daily energy needs. There are 3500 calories in a pound and decreasing your caloric intake by 500 calories per day should result in a one-pound weight loss per week. The recommended weight loss per week is 1-2 lbs. per week. It is not advised to lose more than 1-2 lbs. per week, as it is unhealthy and may have a negative effect on your body and metabolism. Also, don't put unwanted burdens on yourself that sets you up for failure. Consuming below a 1,500 Kcal diet is not recommended as your body needs the calories and nutrients to function. To lose an additional pound per week, increase your physical activity by 500 calories burned daily.

NOTE: For individuals with a BMI over 30, adjusted weight has been used to calculate calories for weight-loss. However, if weight-loss is not achieved with recommended calories, a 1500-1600 calorie diet can be used.

Select an option

Instructions on how to choose a grid

Choose the best GRID DIET for you

First choose a grid that meets your caloric needs and then choose a grid pattern. View options 1, 2, and 3 and decided which best fits your preferences. The grids come in several patterns and can be changed daily. Some grids will offer more fat options while other grids will have more protein options or other selections. You can change your grid daily and even during the day, by resetting the grid. Each grid will keep you within your target nutritional needs. You can also experiment with lower and higher calorie grids each day, however do not exceed your daily caloric needs.