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Effective January 1, 2015.

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New or existing content is covered in this agreement and may be changed or updated periodically or continued.

General Terms of Use:

1.            Must be 13 years of age or older and have parents consent to use site.

2.            Using the Grid Diet plan, you must be 18 years or older

3.            No posting of distasteful content such as nude, immodest, pornography, racist or hateful information.

4.            You will not hold NFI responsible for reposted content or infringement of images, text or content.

5.            You understand and agree that posting any content on this site, will be shared and NFI is not responsible for problems arising from sharing such information.

6.            You will not sell or claim the rights to others property that has been posted on this site or app.

7.            You will not assign your account to any unauthorized person

8.            You will be the legal owner of your account.

9.            You will provide true and correct information

10.          You will not disclosure you passwords to others and will keep it secure at all times. You will periodically change your password to help secure accounts.

11.          You will not take credit for other work. If you repost a picture, you will credit to the original person.

12.          You will not infringe upon others copyright, trademarks, patents or modify others designs.

13.          You will not harass, threaten or harm any of NFI members or followers.

14.          All posted emails, phone numbers or URL must belong to you and not a third party

15.          You will only post original work or have the rights to post others work.

16.          If posting stock photography, you must have the rights to do so.

17.          You will not post derogatory, slanderous, unkind, harmful posts or emails.

18.          You will not duplicate other work

19.          You agree that violation of any of these terms will result in termination of account without refund or compensation.

20.          You will take full responsible for the content you post and any legal issues resulting from it will be your full responsibility and you will hold NFI harmless.

21.          Will notify NFI to delete your account or profile

22.          You agree not to solicit NFI members for personal gain

23.          From time to time, NFI may promote your recipe, article text or comment. You allow NFI to do so without prior approval or permission

24.          You will not crawl, scrape or cache the site without written approval

25.          You understand that you will copy or infringe upon NFIs intellectual property rights

26.          If you are posting content on the NFI website, you agree to add the NFI logo onto your site or blog with a link back to nutritionalfactors.com

27.          You will respect the rights and property of others and will cause no damage or harm

28.          Everyone’s bodies are different. You understand that we cannot control the weight loss or health of anyone. You will not hold NFI responsible for none or little weight loss.

29.          You agree to hold NFI harmless for any health condition that may arise.

30.          You will seek a medical evaluation before starting the diet program.

31.          If you have any allergies, you will follow proper precautions from your health care provider.

32.          Should you go below the recommend calorie intake of 1500 calories, you agree to discuss this with your healthcare provider?

33.          You agree to no refund for three days after purchase

34.          You understand that there might be updates and temporary malfunctions. You will hold NFI harmless for any lost data

35.          You understand that there might be errors in the hosting, content or service, and you will hold NFI harmless for any upgrades

36.          You agree that using the NFI site that is if for sharing and fun and your use may be terminated at any time should a conflict occur

37.          You acknowledge that you are not an independent contractor or employee of NFI

38.          You agree not to hold NFI accountable for any lost content to your portal

39.          You agree to indemnify and hold harmless NFI for any losses, loss of income, attorney fees, and expenses accrued arising from the use or misuse of this site. You understand that you post and participate as is and at your own risk

40.          You agree not to post any slandering, malicious comments or derogatory comment regarding NFI or NFI members on this or any other social media site.

41. You understand that the nutrition information on this site is for educational purposes and should not take the place of proper medical care or advice from your physician or health care provider


NFI reserves the right to update, modify, change or terminate the terms of this Agreement at any time without notice and for any reason.

1.            NFI reserves the right to suspend, terminate or refuse any User for any reason.

2.            NFI reserves the right not to hold any user login in name, handle or specific identifier once the account has been terminated.

3.            NFI reserves the right to repost and promote any image, recipe, message or text as they see fit

4.            NFI is not obligated to promote your business or login name

5.            NFI is not responsible for when your recipe or message falls within the query 

6.            From time to time NFI reserves the right to block or edit content that is deemed inappropriate, infringement for any reason

7.            NFI reserves the right to terminate an account for not payment and content on site must be resubmitted.

8.            NFI does not claim ownership of your intellectual property. You will not use posted content to sell or distribute to your followers for financial gain.

9.            NFI does not accept any ideas or suggestions from members or users. If you submit any ideas or suggestion, you do so at your sole discretion that you will not have claim to or be compensated

10.          You agree to any Arbitration will take place in the State of Utah, and NFI will not be held accountable for Attorney Fees generated. Notice of Arbitration. Upon accepting the terms of use covered under viewing, participating or sharing of information, you agree to arbitration that will be binding. You agree to waive your right to file a class-action lawsuit or class-wide arbitration.